Content Marketing Service

Here at Technologyness our specialty is producing and promoting targeted content for B2B & B2C organizations through SEO optimization, guest blogging, outreach campaigns, paid and social media. Keep reading to learn more about the content marketing services that we offer for clients.

What makes us unique?

Your content should showcase your brand’s expertise, and meet your audience’s needs. Content must be engaging and meaningful to earn a readership. And a little bit of entertainment doesn’t hurt, either. To truly build clout with your audience, a strategic approach to developing that content is a must. Let us help.

Our content marketing services

There are a lot of ways to approach content marketing, but at TP Team, we’ve spent years refining our efforts into five types of performance-driven content marketing services:

Content Marketing Audit

How is your current content performing? We dig deep to determine if your content hits the mark: Is it relevant? Does it resonate? Does it get your audience to react? Beyond that, is it actually being found, and by the right readers? Our content marketing audit helps assess your existing content and create actionable recommendations for optimal, long term performance.

Content Marketing Strategy

Don’t commit random acts of content. Your content marketing strategy should combine B2B business objectives with audience targeting and SEO research. We can not only help you create relevant, engaging content that’s a measurable asset to your B2B business, but also place them in front of your target audience via guest blogging, outreach campaigns, paid and social media.

Content Marketing Planning

A killer content plan should be built on a solid foundation and map to your audiences journey. Our plans align with your funnel so that you achieve maximum impact. Remember, the best plans do no focus on the business, rather they focus 1000% on the readers’ need.

Content Creation & Implementation

If you need creative, entertaining content that makes a human connection and provides real value, let’s talk today! We meet your audience wherever they are on their journey, while helping them form a relationship with your brand and boosting your thought leadership.

Content Measurement & Optimization

Measurement is the final crucial piece of successful content marketing. We take a data-driven approach to content measurement – down to the letter. We evaluate each piece – and channel – against your KPI’s to ultimately maximize results! That’s nothing – let us show you how the real magic happens.

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