10 Essential Design Tips For Development Of Apple Watch App

Apple released its smartwatch in the market a few years ago and its arrival has unlocked the doors for a new style of designing smartphones. It has brought a drastic change in the app design which many developers yet don’t know how to deal with. That’s why; it is important to get information about the useful design tips for the development of the Apple Watch app by hiring the web and app development services. Other companies are also investing money into wearables, Apple is handling many market segments including smartwatches. Their demand is increasing day by day and it is believed that in the coming years, it will increase by 101 million pieces.

The company always brings something innovative for its customers. Their capability to create new markets, demands that the app developers should keep an eye on their product launches and actions. It is obvious that they are going to lead the market in the coming future. In the first glimpse, designing an app for a tiny screen may seem challenging, but for the expert app development companies, the new difficulties will trigger some critical thinking and they will come up with innovative designs worthy of such latest and advanced technology. Make sure to read this article to get tips for designing Apple Watch apps.

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1) Design for performance

It is important to focus on its performance and the average user interaction time should be minimum 2 to 5 seconds only. The content should load as fast as possible and make sure to compare its performance with other platforms.

2) Think small and give a big impact

As you have a tiny amount of space, so the design must be clear, vibrant, and inspiring with absolutely no unwanted clutter. Remember that its goal is to be promptly comprehensible through just one glimpse at the person’s wrist. Keep the images to a minimum and ensure the app loads rapidly and have an engaging design as well.  For your relief, the company has launched a specially designed sans-serif typeface that will make any text be as understandable as possible.

3) Icon design

In order to acquire more downloads, it will play an imperative role. It should be simple and arresting and ensure it is identical to the one designed for the iPhone.  It is important to optimize it to match the smartwatch’s size. It is better to keep an eye on the latest icon trend but currently, circular ones are ruling the market.

4) Simplify it to focus on the glances and notifications

Always remember that a smartwatch is not a smartphone because it is a wearable device and its basic purpose is to support rapid and lightweight interactions with the individuals. iPhone interactions are measured in minutes, while their interactions are measured in seconds. It should take 2 to 5 seconds only to check the emails, schedule, and other things. These interactions are divided into three categories such as notifications, glances, and applications.

5) Glances

They are another type of view that provides appropriate information about a particular application. Glances of several applications are joined together and browsable by swiping left or right just like an image cassette. They deliver information about the date, time, weather and much more. They are not important for every app but serve as speedy informational snippets and it is easy to check their screen instead of re-opening the app.

6) Notifications

They are brief and provide significant information. Their screen appears when the app has a notification update and it is up to the user if he would like to open it or not. They can be long or short, the short ones provide basic information such as the declaration of an incoming email, call or message. However, long ones deliver more details about the message and allow the individual to take actions such as to reply to a call or email. The pages are connected with each other via links and it is easy to go from one page to another just like websites. Content is organized separately and should be accessed by links or buttons. Page based content is reachable by swiping left or right by touching the watch screen.

7) Applications

Smartwatch apps allow people to interact with the information in the same way they would interact with the same application on the iPhone.  App view contains all the collaborative elements such as buttons and links and they are considered to be the “main” app views that are fully interactive.

8) Utilize simple colors

It is better to keep the background color black because it will properly blend with the edges of the watch and make the text highly readable. The colors must be simple and it is not good to use contrast and bright colors. Always choose those colors that represent your business because they will help you target your audience. Make sure to define the “focus color” by hiring app development services because it will be utilized in the notifications.

9) Minimalistic navigation

Just like other IOS touch devices, the watch does support finger taps and swipes from left to right.  The company comes with two new navigation systems in which force touch and digital crown are included. Force touch is able to sense force and has a screen that distinguishes between a light tap and a deep hold. Digital crown works by twisting it like a watch crown, you can zoom in and out of the content without obstructing the views and people can use it to go back to the home screen. With these twos, the menus and navigation hierarchies should be simple.

10) Order the content sensibly

You know that its interaction time is short, so it is crucial to show the right content quickly. Web and app development services providers can help you in this regard.

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