7 Ways To Achieve Data Security In The Cloud

Nowadays most of the trades are using the cloud application. Communication, storage and software are the tools for using cloud applications. A lot of importance is given to data security as the cloud applications are used by a large number of trades.

Cloud and its working

We can store the data at a remote location known as the cloud. Basically, a series of servers store the data here. Various data centers keep the cloud servers.

Now I am going to tell you about 7 ways to achieve data security in the cloud.

  1. Use of encryption – Here the encryption of data is done in the cloud as well as on a local computer by using the cloud service. With this, it becomes possible to reduce the security breaches. It is possible to provide the safety to the files against service administrators and service providers because here we do encryption in two layers.
  2. Use passwords that are strong – Your house’s key is your password. If you attach your address with it and keep it anywhere then it is not right. Nobody will like to do it. At some point of time, we all have used a sticky note for writing the password. To prevent a breach, it is necessary to leave that habit. Weak passwords are responsible for 75 % attacks. So, it is necessary to create the passwords diligently. You can create a secure password if you follow these tips:
  • Its length needs to be eight characters at least
  • Don’t use your company name, birthday or your own name because these are easily identifiable
  • It is not safe to use letters only
  • Use symbols, numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters and characters with it
  • Don’t use a common password for multiple accounts

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  1. Use two-factor authentication – Here it is not possible to access your data by obtaining your password because of the use of a tool known as two-factor authentication. Now using your password for accessing your account will only be possible if you will use a separate device for taking an action. All this becomes possible if you use this tool. It will protect your data even if a hacker hacks your password.
  2. Always keep a backup of your data – It is necessary to keep a backup of your data even if you have used cloud for storing it. You can easily get to know about the backups’ schedule and the required redundancy level if you take the help of a cloud expert. It is possible to reduce the downtime if you have proper backups.
  3. Use access control that is role-based – To make sure that only genuine people access the files on the cloud, it becomes necessary to set up an access control that is role-based and the cloud solution needs to provide you this facility. For protecting the breaching of a user account, it is important to get a protection of additional level by using access levels that have strict control.
  4. Don’t forget to read the fine print – If you want to use any software then it becomes necessary for you to read the agreement having various terms and conditions associated with it. Similarly, first read the complete user agreement and then go for using the cloud service after signing it up. The terms and conditions can be like that if you will sign up then you are allowing them to sell your data. You need to be aware of all this. If an update occurs in the privacy policy of the service provider then that update needs to be read by you.
  5. Give your employees proper training – It is necessary to train all your employees for security and cyber-hygiene. These days, there are higher chances of data breach. You need to discuss with your employees all these company risks so that they can realize the actual problem. For obtaining passwords and data, there are some protocols and standards. It is necessary to train employees for these. Educate your employees about email scams and phishing. In addition to this, assist your employees on how to use a device.

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