8 reasons that drive someone to become an entrepreneur

There can be various reasons behind why someone chooses to become and entrepreneur. Some people believe that they are destined to be an entrepreneur, others realize from their previous experience of working for someone else that they are not suited for that life. Here are some more reasons why leaving a cubicle can drive people to become entrepreneurs:


When you start a business from scratch, you choose everything. You can choose to be as creative as you want each day. Choosing to do something that truly excites you; that totally empowers you and sets you on fire! Something you love so much you would do it even if you did not get paid.

Your standards

When it’s your business, you set the standards. Dress how you want, follow your own voice, put your true self out there, your values, your truth… no more being the mouthpiece for someone else’s values and ideas.

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Your best self

Do what you do best. Use your own lived experience to best serve the world. Do work that brings out the best in you; work that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose.


Build a brand that 100% reflects you. No one can take away your brand from you; Your brand truly communicates who you are and what you contribute to the world.

Your life, your way

Create your own schedule that fits the life you want to live. Travel when you want. Fit in that workout. Make time for family. Spend your time in ways that bring you joy.


Make more money to achieve financial freedom, as you will no longer be limited to measly inflation increases, or increases only for taking on tons more work and extra hours, probably in an area you really don’t enjoy.


Choose the people you work with. Target you business towards clients, suppliers and partners who resonate with your message and purpose. People you are excited to work with and who add to the joy you’re creating for yourself.

Shine your light

When you are happy – truly happy – you shine your brightest light. Doing so inspires others to do the same. just by choosing to make your own path in life, you inspire others to go for their dreams. It has a domino effect. you being happy contributes to making the world a better place.

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