App Design 2021: How to Improve an App Engagement Rate

With user friendly interface and experience makes mobile app an important part of our life. Today, most of us used them to perform every task in our lifestyle from ordering clothes to food. Create a mobile phone app is a great idea for your business if you are looking to increase your website audience and profit. But this is enough to make a responsive, clean and attractive app. After making the app, you need to increase the engagement of the user by doing some changes with attractive design.

Here are some tips how you can increase your app engagement rate:

Custom Interface

A custom interface gives the control to user a personalized touch according to their requirement in the application. The app provider tries to give a feature to user to customize the content, experience and other features within the application. Personalization is the essential part of the app design which can create a bond between the users.  The main focus of the personalized is to give an amazing experience of the specific need or interest to the user without use anything else. You application need to adjust the profile of the user who use your application. 

This is the critical step to creating a personalized experience for the each user according to their requirements. You can add a push notification button for the user if they required more feature in their app. The recent study shows that, the push button increase the app engagement of 85% and 60% users back the app within 30 days when push button is enabled. 

When you think to provide a customized experience to the user make sure there are lots of users who can’t able to customize their app setting manually. So it’s important to maintain the better user experience for those users.  


The colours are the important aspect of the application and they give a specific feeling to the user. The colours can tell the story of your application. The colours can distinguish your application between million of apps. Colours are the second most crucial aspect of the application after design. The colours may seem like a simple and should understandable for the user. The Human interaction based with graphic, colour, text and presentation. Colours play an important role in an application and interpret the content for user with the right elements and understand the necessary actions. Each application uses the colour scheme and adds one primary colour for its main area of the application.

Colours make design more interactive and user can use the application efficiently. But designer should use of low contracts techniques in your application which makes your application more beautiful and harmonious. This beauty is not always good for the readability make sure use of two colours in your text.


Over the past few years, the user interface is not become a popular part of the application. It’s become less cluttered and more contextual. According to the research, the preference is now shifting towards the natural user interface reducing any type of extra thing from the app is the primary element by the every company. These things make the app design more attractive and simple. The user can easily intact with the application. 

Minimalism is the one of the best combination of function in which the developer follow the “less is more” principle for application design process. In which, they give the importance to the design and for essential task user can customized their application. They simplify the colours scheme which makes your design more attractive. Its does not mean you make your website in “Black and White” colours. It’s important to give the preference for those colours that makes your design more attractive. Also you can use 2 or 3 colours combination for the better presentation. 


There are lots of things who seem insignificant like colour, style of the elements, empty space etc. It’s important to focus on the long term affecting engagement of the application design which can be a long term investment for user. It’s essential to focus on the creativity that makes your app closer on the user. Do research what type of visual and graphic aspect is important for your application. Detail every icons, functions and animation to the user that makes easy for him to perform a task on the app. You can also make a small type of animation if the user figuring of the icon. These things make your app more engaging to customers.


There are lots of competition in the mobile app market and continuous rising. So it’s important try different thing that make your app more effective as compare to others rest of the apps. You have to assign a dedicated developer who can come with creative design ideas for the app design. You can also add an emotion touch for their app which can makes your app more popular.

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