Business Ideas For 2020 With The Minimal Investments

Business Ideas of 2020

            Before we begin talking about specific business ideas for 2020, we first recall what business ideas in 2019 were popular and brought good income.

            So, the main directions of ideas for business were:

  • Car business;
  • Online business (setting up advertising, opening an online store);
  • Food business, such as small bakeries, convenience stores, and farm products;
  • Occupation with cosmetology – nail service, eyelash extensions, hair, visage.

 We must say right away those ideas, of course, these areas in small businesses bring good profit. But, in recent years, there have been so many people wishing to begin to engage in especially cosmetology services that the offer has begun to actively exceed demand. In this regard, competition is growing rapidly and pricing policy is changing.

            Of course, those who have long been in the sales market, even at a relatively high price, have their base of regular customers and, accordingly, profit growth. But, these are already professionals in their field, with an old hand, who not only quickly but efficiently do their job.

 This article will not focus on those ideas that the public is already “fed up” with, and have massive offers in the market. We will tell you exactly those areas that are not in our country, but they are very in demand, so much so that people are ready to go abroad, to implement them. It is clear that articles about how to do Korean cosmetics from scratch already, to put it mildly, do not inspire potential entrepreneurs.

            The first idea, or rather the direction, is mobile applications. Their profitability lies in the fact that in between operations, for example, when a person presses a button or performs any other action within the framework of this application, as a rule, an advertisement is shown to him.

 Thus, many talented application developers who carry a common meaning, say, like a calorie calculator consumed by a person in a day, or a TV remote control downloaded to a phone, as a result, they gain popularity, and because of the long stay on hype, their developers receive huge amounts of contracts with advertising companies.

            The structure of this purchase and sale system is that the person who operates drop-shipping is an intermediary between the seller, for example, an online shoe store and the buyer who wants to buy it at the moment.

            And where is the benefit for the intermediary himself: everything is very simple. The fact is that when this person finds customers for an online store, especially if it is a little-known or a new store, he takes a percentage from it – large, medium or small, it already depends on the terms of the contract, which concluded between the parties.

 People who begin to do this and gain experience in a peculiar way of attracting customers can later claim themselves and gain customers who need sales, respectively, for their high-quality work, and make good money.

            Let us get back to ideas related to information technology. So, recently, in one of the European countries, a bot was developed that allows you to monitor the baby, and using special sensors that are completely safe for the baby, monitor the work of his body, needs, conduct various tests and perform any actions that he now necessary: feed, play with him and even bathe.

            Perhaps all of this is fiction, and even if not, that seems to be true, since the era of robotic technology rapidly covers all the structures of human life, we can only assume how much such a smart “nanny” is in the initial stages.

            But what if to develop an application – a bot, which, even if not fully, will control the child at those times when you do not have such an opportunity.

 For example, check the lessons when uploading photos to the application. Also, if you develop a system that will connect to the cameras in the house and with any dangerous games of the child, the appropriate signal will notify parents about this. Such a very important chatbot can prevent the consequences of extreme activities of the baby when adults are away.

            Of course, this is no longer a novelty, but it is only in Europe and the USA – the idea of selling roses (most often these flowers) in a flask. Everyone, for sure, at least once watched the Disney cartoon Beauty and the Beast, where the prince was bewitched, chained his fate to a rose, the last petal that fell from which would mean the end of his life.

            This, for some reason, caused a real stir among people, especially among young couples who give such flasks as a sign of strong and eternal love.

 The flowers of which it consists are naturally artificial, moreover, in China, this toy is intended for bringing to the grave of children; in our country, girls simply go crazy from such gifts. Moreover, they are, like roses, very expensive.

TOP 2020 business ideas

            Based on the conclusion from all of the above, it is possible to compile TOP business ideas for 2020, which with a 99% probability will bring profit to anyone who wants to put them into practice.

  • Information technology – throughout the article we talked about the development of miracle applications and services that will greatly simplify a person’s life, and their developers will provide themselves with a comfortable life;
  • Trade – the purchase and sale system will never go out of fashion. At all times, people will buy something, while others will sell something. But to trade with something that is not on the market yet, or is, but in single quantities, will not only allow you to be a favorite on the market but also hit the jackpot on the first-stage introduction of this product.
  • Entertainment – here you can combine everything since almost all hobbies in people require certain costs. In this regard, the development of a new type of hobby, such as drawing 3D with paints, or making sculptures from plastic, etc.

 Thus, you will not only be engaged in a profitable business, so much so that for you the costs of SEO-promotion and site promotion will not only instantly pay off, but will not be included in the number of high costs, but also introduce something new and useful to society.

            Therefore, we found out which business ideas will shoot in 2020 and will be profitable for a long time to come. But if you live no other idea how to open a travel agency online, do not rush to put off this business and look for something new.

            Do what you like, it does not matter what nanotechnology is being introduced, just make your business useful to people, and pay special attention to it and then things will look up.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a writer who travels while freelancing throughout the world. She loves people and nature, discovering new places and things, trying new food and activities. She is open to everything new and just a happy person who enjoys every day of life and its every aspect. 

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