Digital Marketing Trends that will shape in 2019

If your brand is still using the same concepts in 2019, then what you expect the results. Make sure that your brands need digital advertising and this is the game-changing season in the digital marketing era.

Key points of digital marketing trends-

Content spread online

As a larger number of users access cheap online and cheap mobile phones, there will be a greater need for internet content in the languages they know best. Nowadays all want growing internet audience, Right from their websites to their apps, social media campaigns, performance advertisements as well as social media listening, Indic languages ought to be the focus. It requires them to develop communications aimed specifically at these audiences, keeping their distinctive needs, challenges, and desires at the core.

Voice search demand is high

These days, it isn’t just mobile that’s driving the voice hunt, but the other smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Voice Assistant. The drive for voice search will also be coming from the other end of the spectrum, from users who are just starting to use the net or who might not even know how to type.

But no matter that the audience to get voice search is, one thing is sure: SEO as we know it will need to change. 99 percent of voice search results draw from the featured snippet, so content creators will have to focus even more difficult on optimizing their content for Google to pick it up.

Video content is a must

In 2019, if your brand doesn’t have high-quality videos, then you might be missing out on a sizeable audience. YouTube, the planet’s second-biggest search engine, may get even more crucial in 2019. Through techniques like YouTube SEO, manufacturers may make certain that their content is visible to relevant audiences. But the value of videos extends beyond only YouTube. Videos on landing pages in emails have been proven to improve performance and conversions. Facebook is also seeing the growing popularity of movies.

Chatbots presence

Chatbots in 2019 will be more intelligent than previously. Many chatbots now have a script that is restricted, generally offering a fixed set of options that users can pick from. Once the question is narrowed down, users tend to be transferred to an individual representative to resolve it. With the advent of AI, however, chatbots will likely completely replace the individual facet previously involved. In fact, through AI, chatbots are likely to have the ability to maintain a very long conversation with users without coders having to input a very long script ahead.

AI target the audience

AI is not just for brighter chatbots, it is also getting the most accurate way for manufacturers to identify their core market and create heart messaging for them. Through a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence, predictive consumer analytics can eliminate a lot of the work involved in digital advertising.

One way they do this is by assigning a ‘lead rating’ to leads generated. AI can analyze large volumes of leads at a time, identify common patterns, group them into different buckets based on their behavior. AI can also identify similarities in current consumers and create custom targeting choices that marketers can use to ensure more accurate delivery of advertisements. This will aid enhance the quality of leads generated via digital.

UX and AMP for desktop

In 2019, the significance of AMP will not be limited to mobiles alone. Google recently made AMP accessible for laptops versions of sites as well. With this feature, users will be able to enjoy the identical rate and easy navigation that AMP provides even while surfing on their desktop.

With the introduction of this feature, it is time for brands to re-look at their website and how user-friendly it is. By making their sites like- content-heavy sections, AMP-friendly, brands might have the ability to enjoy greater visibility on search engines. Since AMP pages are also easier for users to navigate through, an improved UX will encourage them to invest additional time on the site and learn more information about the brand.

Growth of Programmatic Advertising

This technology enables marketers to reach a scale previously of. They could target bigger audiences within a broader number of channels with absolutely no time or effort dropped. Since it may optimize in real-time, markets may do a lot more with their budgets and reduce their cost-per-leads.

The decline in organic traffic and search

With every new SERP, Google introduced, organic traffic requires a hit. Click-through-rates have been steadily falling and 2019 is going to be a continuation of this trend. May your webpage appear on a featured snippet, you might not observe a significant growth in organic traffic to this page?

By way of instance, they need to start focusing on creating brand recognition and driving up brand hunts. When users start searching for your company’s name, Google can’t stop users from clicking on your website. It also means maintaining your content specifically for higher click-through prices. You need to give users enough information that Google picks up it and exhibits it, but not enough for their curiosity to be fulfilled.

Final Thoughts

In 2019, all indications are pointing towards Instagram moving down the same route. Since Instagram grows in popularity also adds new users each minute, it predictably wants brands to begin paying for higher reach.  2019 is still proving to be an exciting season for brands, giving them chances to experiment with new advertising formats and strategies. By taking advantage of these upcoming trends, brands can gain a solid lead over their competition.

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