Field Service Mobile Apps Improve Enterprise Productivity in 5 Ways

Having a CRM on hand takes care of your inside sales team’s needs. For individuals who spend a large portion of their time outside the office, what will they do about their needs? Perhaps a little empowerment or a miraculous mobile app development technology might help them out? 

With a Field Service Mobile App, digitizing the tedious and error-prone work of your field workers and engineers is a cinch. Just as important, a Field Service Mobile App allows the user to streamline their schedules and reach more clients on a given day by removing superfluous clutter from their schedules. These apps provide your field workers with speed, ease of use, centralized organization, and a first-rate customer experience.

Field Service Workers Face Five Common Obstacles

  • Real-time location and performance of your service workers may be tracked, as well as their compliance with their given work hours. You can use it every day to track how tasks are being distributed.
  • A lack of rapid mobile access to repair methods and customer service history makes it difficult to meet service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Time-consuming paperwork and manual data input have a negative impact on the productivity of service professionals and the entire company.
  • Repair expenses are inaccurately accounted for, and SLA agreements are not clearly visible, resulting in inaccurate invoicing.
  • Although service technicians aren’t typically thought of as salespeople, their time spent with clients in person could help them close service contracts, upgrade customer leads, and cross-sell other services and goods.

How Can a Mobile Field Service App Help Your Business Become More Productive?

It’s not just a calendar and directions that these service applications put in the hands of technicians and engineers; they also give them total visibility for optimal efficiency, which is why they’re so versatile.

As a technician, you’re responsible for a lot more than just scheduling, estimating, and debriefing work orders. Additionally, they take the proper procedures to provide consistent and accurate service. Even when they aren’t connected online or offline, they may still carry out their duties with ease, thanks to a competent field service app.

There are numerous advantages to using a field service app:


  • Automated and Manual Scheduling Methods 
  • Notifications/Alerts in Real-Time
  • Choose the best time to do maintenance using a variety of parameters
  • Using a Layout Map for Route Planning
  • Delivering work in real-time and providing real-time feedback on progress.


  • Workdays are more efficient and organized
  • Reduced delays and increased productivity
  • Maintaining a prioritized and constrained work schedule
  • Unimpeded view of the landscape; more tasks completed in a day
  • Faster return on investment because of improved field communication.

To the company’s advantage

  • Optimized systems and lower costs
  • Higher Quality of Service
  • The allocation of resources is always appropriate
  • Reduced use of fossil fuels, resulting in greater profit
  • An increase in productivity and efficiency

Field Service Mobile Apps Should Have These 6 Features:

  • Having a native mobile app for both Android and iOS is a must. This can ensure that information can be accessed from anywhere at any time using any off the shelf-smart mobile device. 
  • QR/Bar Code Scanning: Field agents can collect their field data even if they don’t know the exact identity of the asset or device. They can simply scan a QR or Bar Code to identify and update information about it.
  • All of this can be done while you’re on the go, with the ability to upload files (PDF, MS Office, and media), shoot images and videos, and crop or trim content before uploading.
  • Technicians and engineers should be able to access the information they need to reduce repair time (MTTR) and first-time fix rates (FTF). Sales representatives should be equipped with an optimal price calculator to provide customers with the greatest possible pricing.
  • Using workflow rules, the app will automatically generate service reports, invoices, and other forms of documentation, which customers can sign while still on the job site.
  • Job Planner: Set tasks as favorites or priorities, add notes to help with service delivery, and record time spent on each task to help with future planning.

Do you think we got it right?

Are you contemplating implementing a cutting-edge mobile field service app in place of your current work models? Contact us today if you want a simple-to-use mobile app so your field agents can access real-time help while on the job.

We assist you in eliminating the need for any license fees or IT infrastructure investments for field app development. As the number of features grows, the ready-made apps get bloated and even slow because of the numerous customizations. We’ll design a custom mobile app that is perfectly suited to your needs for your enterprise.

Field Service App by CloudApper

CloudApper Field Servie App is dedicated to helping more businesses like yours realize the benefits of becoming mobile by providing you with the tools you need to do so. We take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can identify the areas in which our mobility services can make a real difference. We have a track record of developing native (iOS, Android) and cross-platform mobile applications. In addition, to achieve long-term business objectives, we provide a variety of no-code app development platforms.

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