How BYOD And The Use Of CRM Contributes To Sales Mobility

The notion of BYOD, otherwise known as ‘Bring Your Own Device’, has been used within multiple companies for a very long time and continues to thrive as a practice within many companies. Not only this, but the notion of BYOD can be seen as an important contributing factor to the improvement of efficiency and productivity within the work environment. More and more employers and companies both large scale and small business have adopted BYOD as a basic practice for employees. 

Bring Your Own Device 

The notion of BYOD within the workplace is not only limited to the bringing of a mobile device, but also entails employees bringing their own personal technology and/or personal computer/laptop and being able to use it for work related tasks instead of having to make use of an officially required device. Allowing employees to make use of their own device contributes significantly to employee productivity, employee convenience as well as employee job satisfaction. In a sense, BYOD enables employees to work more flexibly, and allows a company to stand out as more attractive and also allows companies to use BYOD as a cost saving practice. Two of the major advantages of BYOD include: 

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Accessibility To Information: 

By allowing employees to make use of their own device, employees are able to better access valuable information and better access company software applications at any time and from any location using a single device. This in turn contributes to productivity as no time is wasted as information and resources are accessible as employees always have their device to hand. 

Increase In Employee And Job Satisfaction: 

When employees are allowed and encouraged to make use of their own device, they tend to be more comfortable (and productive,efficient) as they are using devices that they are familiar with and that are easier to manage. 

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The Role Of CRM Within Sales Mobility 

Mobile CRM, also known as Customer Relationship Management, is a tool that has been designed for various mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.  It can be said that combining mobile CRM with BYOD is a winning strategy, and a recipe for success, especially within the field sales industry. Making use of CRM within your organization means that you enable your sales agents to easily access the data of customers through a mobile CRM app or through a web-based browser. The sales department within any organization benefits a great deal from the use of CRM as it increases the mobility of a salesperson as it allows salespeople to access data from any location, which in turn increases productivity levels. CRM is designed to be an easy application for relationship management with existing and potential customers, in order to accelerate the process of capturing and qualifying leads while keeping track of interactions between company representatives and existing or potential customers.

SalesQ Sales Tracking Software As A Contributor To Sales Mobility 

Making use of good and efficient sales tracking software that provides both field sales reps as well as an organization as a whole with clear visibility into all sales operations is vital to sales mobility. It is important to not only invest in and make use of sales tracking software that is best suited for the specific needs of your organization, but also one that your organization will benefit most from. The SalesQ sales tracking software for instance,  helps to improve employee engagement while increasing accountability by allowing users to access data from the field while facilitating real-time knowledge sharing between reps and managers and thus being able to work on the go. The cloud based solution encourages high standards of productivity by optimizing the sales process and nudging users to complete their assigned tasks on time. The SalesQ sales tracking software is an excellent tool for sales managers, as it allows sales managers to monitor sales agent activities, coordinate their tasks, and communicate important information in real-time to optimize results. 

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