How to become a good facility manager?

Do you think that becoming a facility manager is a tough job? If you are bound to become a successful facility manager, you will, for sure. It’s no hard and fast rule for the qualities. You can attain the qualities over time and with practice. Here are some important qualities that differentiate a good facility manager from an average facility manager:

Ability to listen

There is no denying the fact that a facility manager has the best knowledge of organizational assets and buildings aspects than anybody else. But he should be a good listener and must consider what others are saying.


The facility owner must be given detailed information from time to time to make sure that they know every detail about their property. The property manager must be transparent throughout the project. 

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Any good facility manager helps his team in growing and educates them about the latest trends because he believes in teamwork rather than taking all the credit on his own. 

Tech Savviness

A good facility manager must be open to using the latest technologies like facility management applications to reduce administrative burden, increase efficiency, and offer the most productive work environment for the people he is serving.  

Always Prepared

Machines will break down occasionally, the HVAC systems will fail from time to time. There is absolutely no doubt about that. But when issues like these come up, a great facility manager will know exactly how to respond to them. 


Weak communication is often found as an issue among facility managers. If you want to become a good facility manager, you must focus on improving your communication skills. You must focus on improving your communication skills. You must be able to tell people what you want to do with their property. 

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Vendor Relationship

A facility manager who already has good terms with quality service providers of the area will be able to negotiate the rates of the community purchases and get you discounts on the products. 

A good facility manager does not see facility management and strategic business operations as two separate processes. Rather, a good facility manager is someone who always tries to align facility management KPI’s to business operations KPI’s in order to deliver business value that goes beyond daily governance and maintenance.

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