Nine Important Components Of Enterprise Digital Transformation

Businesses these days have started leveraging digital technologies that can redefine their way of conducting everyday operations. It has completely redefined their organizational activities, support processes, competencies, and models to explore new opportunities. In order to successfully perform digital transformation of any business there are these nine important elements that are considered:

Customer experience

Customer Behavior

Businesses have started using digital channels and tools like social media, analytics and various online communities to gain in-depth understanding of market segments, specific geographies, demographics, customer behavior and expectations.

Front Line Empowerment

Businesses are integrating various intelligent technologies to improve in-person sales interactions, innovate selling techniques, personalize customer service, and automated mechanisms to empower the front line staffs. All in order to transform customer experience.

Customer interaction points

Businesses are taking advantage of emerging technologies like virtual reality, geo-location, and social media integration to enhance customer interaction experience and deliver integrated experiences.

Business Operation Transformation

Process digitization

Companies are driving digital change by automating their internal operations and enabling its people to refocus on strategic activities that drives organizational growth.

Worker empowerment

The workstations are going virtual, facilitating effective and timely collaboration and networking among business development and front-line customer service employees. Workers are adopting collaboration tools to share knowledge, identify experts and solve problems as they occur.

Performance Management

New technologies are helping businesses to transform the way they take strategic decisions. Through internationally connected systems, they can collect and explore deeper insights into products, customers, and regions, while making informed decisions based on real life data.

Digital transformation of business models

Digitally modified businesses

Businesses are adopting digital offerings with traditional products to transform a new growth opportunity in business. They are using digital tools to make the content shareable across the organization.

New digital businesses

Many businesses have started selling digital products and services to complement traditional products. For eg., a GPS device to track customer’s workout or mobile app to pay for shopping bills. Through these new line of technologies an enterprise can transform their business model and redefine their boundaries.

Digital globalization

MNC’s are combining digital tools to connect information’s from all around the globe to enable effective co-ordination between entire workforce while being locally responsive. Digital globalization also promotes productivity, reduced risk, and global operation flexibility.

Digital Transformation requires strong leadership and vision to drive change. Have you started to experiment with digital transformation and drive digital change for your business? If not, then start today before you fall behind.

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