Pain Points of Not Having a Field Sales Management Application

Whether you are using a field sales management software or not, this question must have crossed your mind – does it make any difference to the overall profitability of the business? The answer is not that difficult to answer. If the productivity and competency of the field agents matter to the growth and success of your business, then not using field sales management application can lead to major pain points. Implementing the application in your field sales operations does come with various competitive differentiators.

Here are some of the most common pain points that a business faces if a field sales management software is not implemented in their business operations:

Manual Paperwork

Traditionally, field sales relied on clipboards and carbon paper for decades; filing paperwork is highly important for the sales process, but it takes up too much time to log everything followed by the efforts that go into updating them from time to time, making the right files available at the time of need, safekeeping of important reports, are other questionable aspects. Organization of paperwork can be an obvious pain point here as it is nearly impossible to align many aspects of a business such as employees’ productivity, customers’ satisfaction, timely service delivery, etc. based on manual paperwork only.

Upgrading to a digital platform is a must now as every customer demands promptness in service delivery. Digitalization of the data secures your information, provides real-time access to any of your files, collectively all these save time and reduce dependency on others.

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Lack of Accountability

How do you know that your sales agents are making the best use of their time? With manual field sales management system, as long as their paper works are up to-mark, field visits are regular, and everything else is just fine enough to maintain good performance records. As a result, they take advantage of the lack of visibility in field visits, which leaves a big margin for productivity loss. Such employees with low self-driven accountability can dearly cost a business, especially small businesses.

SalesQ – a field sales management application for small businesses is powerful in keeping up the accountability of the field agents by verifying their field visits. Using Geofencing it can verify the presence of field agents at customers’ locations gives a clear account of their productive hours. 

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Schedule Adherence

Developing a proper job schedule is critical for delivering timely services to customers. A well-maintained schedule is necessary to keep the sales force productive, and customers satisfied.

Effective scheduling of sales visits or assigning sales agents is not just about randomly assigning a visit to a field agent; Modern field Sales Management application usage automation and AI to assign a job to the nearest available or most appropriate sales agent, routing provides the sales agent with the most optimal route to the job-site, thus bringing in promptness in the sales process. Also, it stores all the scheduling information in one place so that multiple people can view changes to the schedule.

Field Sales Management Needs Field Sales Management Application

The pain points mentioned above need proper attention, otherwise, they will eventually drain out the overall productivity and efficiency of your business. Though it’s a challenge to address them all at a time, A Field Sales Management Application can handle the pain points effectively by empowering the field sales agents to become more productive, accountable, and efficient in carrying out their jobs.

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