The Six Highest Performing B2B Blog Post Formats

More than 91% of B2B marketers are using blogs for marketing. But not all types of blog posts earn the same amount of success. Earn more social media shares and backlinks to boost your search results by publishing the following six blog types.

Guides and Helpful Content

Produce how-to guides, list of tips, tricks, and hacks or any content positioned as helpful for your target audience.

Hot Topics

B2B blog Posts about trending topics resonate with readers and attract above average social media shares.

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Research & Insights

Research tend to produce a remarkable amount of shares and links and also position your company as an authoritative leader.

Case Studies

Case studies, an under-used B2B blog post format, can deliver the right combination of education and entertainment to earn shares and links.


A well-produced infographic will often produce an amazing number of social shares and can be an ingredient in blog posts that earn many links.

Authoritative News

B2B blog posts related to industry news earn links and shares when it’s perceived to be authoritative.

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Darren Trumbler

Darren Trumbler

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