The Marketing & Sales Engagement Process

Those days are long gone when sales and marketing reps aggressively pushed prospects against the wall, demanding to “checkout their most amazing product ever”. Modern salesmen and marketing people are smart and they know that the key to winning a customer’s heart is all about creating genuine interest and engagement for your product.

Why is Customer Engagement Necessary?

Customer Engagement is the emotional bond between a customer and a brand. Customers who are highly engaged buy more, at higher frequency, spread word of mouth, and demonstrate more loyalty even at a higher price over the competitors. That’s why brands try to offer high-quality customer experience as an important component in their customer engagement strategy.

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Here’s how to effectively, predictably and consistently communicate with customers to increase the value, number and frequency of purchases to grow your business:

Capture Evaluators

This step is about capturing customer contact details by presenting customers with a gated offer. A gated offer is a free offer that has a “gate” or entrance attached to it. In order for customers to get the free offer, they must pass through the entrance. 

Enhance Experience

Your customer needs to love your company and the product or service you are selling them. This includes things like friendly customer service teams, awesome buying experience, fast and trouble free shipping, user friendly website experience, and so much more. A positive and fun experience will enhance their perception for your brand to  generate more sales and more repeat purchases.

Create Endorsers

This step is about converting prospects to purchasing a product, service or solution by engaging the customer database. This communication has an incentive offer to redeem via a purchase that you promised them in step 1.

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Create Enthusiasts

This step is about creating Enthusiasts (or your regulars) and is optional. When a customer (as an endorser) redeems the incentive with a purchase, you want to give them a loyalty card, either physically or electronically.

Create Evangelists

This step is about creating Evangelists by encouraging your members to invite friends through word of mouth and incentives in a predictable and consistent way. You want your Evangelists to bring or recommend their friends to your business. 

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