The World`s Most Successful Women

Politicians, business representatives, and businesswomen – welcome a rating of the most influential women who reached incredible heights in their careers.

Hillary Clinton

            A democrat and American politician Hillary Clinton graduated from Yale University, where she met her husband Bill Clinton. “She is an ambitious and purposeful woman, well aware of her competence and significance,” is what her colleagues say about her. Clinton is also straightforward and strict. And also incredibly ambitious. Otherwise, how can one explain her desire to take the presidency in the United States? Moreover, in the 2016 election campaign, Hillary was the main competitor to Donald Trump.

Ivana Trump

            The top model, the former wife of the American billionaire, and now US President Donald Trump, was seriously interested in business 30 years ago. First, she was her husband’s right hand – she ran his Organization company, then became president of the Trump Castle casino. After the divorce, Ivana took up high fashion and journalism. She created the Ivana brand of clothes and accessories, which unites clothing factories located around the world, and also launched the glossy magazine “Life in the style of Ivana”. Also, Ivana wrote several novels, played the role of a cameo in the Hollywood movie “Club of the First Wives”, took part in several reality shows.

            By the way, the activity of Ivana and Donald was inherited by their children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric are now large business people and politicians.

Sandra Bullock

            The Oscar winner is known not only for being a popular actress. After the release of the “Miss Congeniality film, for shooting in which Sandra Bullock received a good fee, she created her own production company Fortis Films. In addition to business, the celebrity is engaged in charity work and is a regular major sponsor of the Red Cross. Already twice, the actress donated $ 1 million to the organization.

Gina Rinehart

            After the death of her father, industrial tycoon Lang Hancock, in 1992, Gina took control of the family business. After several years of managing one of Australia’s largest mining companies, she became the first female billionaire in the world. In 2012, her fortune was estimated at $ 28.4 billion.

            “Earn money for yourself. Talk less and work harder”, Gina advised everyone in one of her interviews.

Kathy Ireland

            The former model and actress of television series today is engaged in entrepreneurship, and also writes books for busy women who care about a favorable climate in the family. Her company Kathy Ireland Worldwide helps a businesswoman who wants to be in time: create a wardrobe, decorate a home, solve family problems and even plan vacations and weekends.

Holly Madison

            Ten years ago, a model from Alaska received an invitation to Playboy’s mansion and became one of Hugh Hefner’s seven official friends. Today she is the most respected playboy girlfriend. Holly continues to engage in modeling, launches a clothing line, and conducts social activities. Madison is also known as an ardent animal advocate – she collaborates with PETA and writes articles about pets.

Anne Sweeney

            Anne graduated from Harvard and in the early 80s began working on the Nickelodeon children’s channel as an assistant and participated in its international promotion. Today Sweeney is the co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of the Disney-ABC Television Group. She is also the creator of such world-famous TV shows as The Clinic and Lost. In America, she has long been called the most powerful woman in the entertainment industry.

Kristina Gold

            Gold began her career 30 years ago at Avon. Kristina’s success was overwhelming – in a few years, she turned this brand into a recognizable, stylish, world-famous brand. Since 2002, Gold has led Western Union. One of her first steps was the global campaign, held under the slogan “Uniting people with opportunities.”

Oprah Winfrey

            Forbes magazine called the famous American talk show host The Oprah Winfrey Show the most influential celebrity, the first woman to be influential and the most influential person in show business. Oprah’s fortune is estimated at almost $ 3 billion. In addition to her TV career, Oprah proved herself in the cinema, making her debut in Steven Spielberg’s film “Purple Color”, for which she received an Oscar and Golden Globe. Winfrey also does charity work and owns a company that makes documentaries about animal life.

Liz Smith

            Elizabeth’s career philosophy is simple: to succeed in business, you must always make unexpected career leaps and explore new territories. For five years, she served as president of Avon cosmetics company, for several years held one of the management positions at Kraft Foods, and last year she completely went into the restaurant business, becoming the top manager of OSI Restaurant Partners.

Safra Catz

            Safra was born in Israel, studied at the elite business school of Wharton University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School of Business). For almost 12 years she has been working in the giant of the computer industry and high technology – Oracle Corporation. Today, Safra is its co-owner and chief financial officer. In 2007, Catz took second place in the ranking of the highest salaries among women – her annual income was $ 34 million.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a successful writer and a young woman who is happy with what she has achieved. She writes articles in the hope to publish books someday. She is a traveler who practices meditation and positive thinking. She loves people and nature, loves taking pictures, reading obviously and watching good movies, drinking good wine and simply enjoy every life.

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