What You Need to Know About Mobile Messaging & GDPR (Infographic)

In May 2018, the European Union rolled out the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new regulation means that data protection must now form the cornerstone of any successful B2C mobile messaging strategy.

So What is GDPR, Exactly?

GDPR provides a set of data protection rules which have been designed to help make your data security practices more organized, transparent and protected. These aim to regulate how organizations process personal data while also protecting the rights of individuals in the EU. So far, 25 EU member states have adopted the required national data protection legislation.

Why Should You Care?

The first thing you need to know about GDPR is that it affects any business that operates in Europe, even if it is based outside of the European Union. Furthermore, GDPR just seems to be just the first of a wave of data protection laws that are being rolled out across the globe. Therefore, it would be wise to align your policies with GDPR so that you are prepared for any future regulation coming down the line in your area.   

What Happens If You Break GDPR?

There have been 89,271 reported data breaches in Europe since May 2018. Any organization that breaches GDPR can be publicly penalized with a large fine, this can be a very public process and can cause some serious reputational damage. Today’s consumers take data protection and privacy seriously. As such, if your business is revealed to be taking a careless approach to the handling of personal data, you could lose the trust of even your most dedicated customers.

Learn More About How GDPR Affects Mobile Messaging

If you are keen to find out how to make your mobile messaging more GDPR compliant, then why not check out this infographic guide from Cadoo. This handy graphic features a helpful beginner’s guide to GDPR and also includes ten steps you can take today to make your mobile messaging more GDPR-friendly.

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