Why Do Some Sales Managers Fail?

The job of a sales manager is one of the most difficult occupations in the market and sales industry. One needs to adopt a number of techniques and skill sets in order to really flourish within the role, and to ultimately generate more sales in order to take your organization to new levels. Sales managers are expected to deliver tangible sales by using the intangible qualities of their field sales reps. If one is not equipped with the appropriate tools and traits to become an efficient and effective sales manager, one does not only fail him or herself within their position but fails their sales team, their employers, and their organization as a whole.

Factors That Contribute to the Failure of a Sales Manager

As already mentioned, there are multiple factors that contribute to the success of a sales manager. However, the absence of these factors can result in the downfall and ultimate failure of the sales manager.

Absence of Sales Management

First, the lack of a solid and effective sales management process contributes a significant amount to the failure of a sales manager. A good sales manager needs to establish solid sales processes when it comes to important activities such as the accurate assessment of a field sales rep’s performance, identifying the priorities for the sales training of field sales reps, and creating custom training programs and schedules for field sales reps. Good sales managers also need to ensure that they have an established process to create a work environment that is positive and motivating for your sales team, one which will be conducive for them to grow and learn about sales so they may become successful sales people.

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Lack of Sales Process

Second, the absence of a good and effective sales process contributes greatly to the downfall of a sales manager. This means that , when it comes to the generation of leads, presenting a solution, attending to the needs of customers, and building trust amongst current and potential customers, it is the sales manager’s responsibility to establish a solid sales process for their sales reps. It is also the sales manager’s responsibility to establish an effective process for dealing with sales objections, the negotiation of terms and prices, as well as closing sales deals.

Hiring the wrong people

Another contributing factor to the downfall of a sales manager is the lack of a solid and effective hiring process. When you are hiring a sales team, you are essentially predicting and shaping the future of your organization. It is vital that you have a solid hiring process that allows you to perform background checks, screenings, set effective interviewing schedules, and conduct in-depth sales assessments that will equip the sales manager with more than sufficient information about potential sales candidates in order to establish the best possible sales team.

Not having a sales tracking software

Finally, in order for a sales manager to be successful and manage their sales team in the most effective manner possible, the sales manager needs to make use of a sales tracking software that provides clear visibility into all sales operations and enables sales managers to train and monitor their field sales reps, all from a single platform on their mobile device.

Using Sales Tracking Software to Be A Successful Sales Manager

Successful and effective sales managers make use of good sales tracking software that enables them to monitor and stay on top of all sales operations and to keep track of their field sales reps. Making use of good sales tracking software such as SalesQ allows employers to track the daily activities of their field sales reps, track sales orders, sales visitors, and overall sales operations. This software enables sales managers to create and train sales teams, assign sales tasks, and monitor the progress of assigned sales tasks, as well as identify sales driving forces and sales restraining forces. All of these factors provided by SalesQ contribute to improvement of sales performance, increase in sales, and ultimately to the success of the sales manager.

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